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Crunch Time
by Tawarwaith (tawarwaith)
at December 1st, 2009 (01:17 pm)

My daughter Regina and her man set a tentative date for their wedding - June 27 2010. That gives me a little over six months to lose75 pounds. That is roughly 13 pounds per month! Time to get back to the gym and start getting serious about changing this crummy diet of fatty foods! My goal is to lose that 75 pounds and be able to wear a size 10 dress to the wedding. Today is December 1st, 2009. First food to exclude: peanut butter!

laur_melyanna [userpic]
by laur_melyanna (laur_melyanna)
at August 5th, 2009 (04:47 pm)

WOOOOOOOW its been so long! I swear I came here a while ago and thought the community had no activity (maybe my pc deceived me) so I stopped checking back! I am sooo sorry. I am glad to hear of the sucess of those who are doing well and here to support whoever is struggling, because I sure am!

Earlier this year I dropped some 10, 12 pounds and am/was weight the least I have in like a decade lol, but not quite neough to be where I want to be and its like I am stuck! I stopped going to the gym, but I managed to keep exercising on my own, and there is a tool at that RealAge website that is really good help!

So, I hope this can help someone else too:


To me what works is having ot be accountable for what I do..so haaving a weekly goal I have to meet makes me work for it cause I don't want ot disappoint myself and..the website lol. My problem is the snacking after dinner! ARGH. I am not sleeping early these days...so I eat at 8:30 and then stay awake till 3...do you think my last 'meal' is 8:30? heheh noooooot!

I have considered posting a food blog or something so I will shame myself into not eating (because at least I am decent enough to not have the courage to lie lol, so it might work). I am pretty calorie-conscious but I don't count the calories of every single thing... so I am never sure how much I eat in excess... or how much I spend with my excercises.

The website is great and as I haven't read many posts back, perhaps other people have commented on it, but besides the tips and articles and all, they have other two tools like that, a weight loss tracker and a waistline tracker.

I have bene disappointing my weightloss tracker...argh I go back and forht with 2 pounds...and I must admit I am not prone ot radical dieting, though I almost wish I were. Not lunching or not dining is a ridiculous concept to me as I hate being hungry and I know 2 hours late i'll eat like crazy and end the whole thing. I just wish I could control myself with the snacking.

Red [userpic]
goal update
by Red (red_lasbelin)
at March 19th, 2009 (08:27 pm)

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Well - I got a workout plan going for a while and posted updates and things. Then took a vacation and didn't darken the door of a gym for about seven months. I hated it, and I've dealt with some of the worst stress of my life - or at least it felt like it last year, and it would have helped so much to have been going.

Still, the nice thing is that I kept most of the 20 pounds I had lost off - though energy levels and muscle mass wasn't there. I've been going back for a month now and I'm going to weigh tomorrow, I think and see how things are. I don't care about the numbers so much, as I'm feeling better, I'm fitting in my clothes better and find things easier to do.

I'm also eating breakfast five times a week, which I never used to do (hate, hate, hate!!!!) But it's good for me.

My goal for the next week is drinking more water - 2 litres a day.

erviniae [userpic]
Tips for St. Patrick's Day
by erviniae (erviniae)
at March 10th, 2008 (07:08 pm)

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Here are 10 fun tips for getting through the day without over-the-rainbow POINTS® values.



Red [userpic]
by Red (red_lasbelin)
at January 14th, 2008 (10:18 pm)

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Hmm - not sure if this place is alive or not. My goal for this week is drinking more water, and keeping an eye on food intake. I went from no gym every week to 2 days a week to Monday-Friday.

I'm eating a little bit of breakfast everyday now and I think I kick-started my metabolism or something because it seems like I'm hungry all the time now. I want to eat when I'm hungry but little amounts. I'm used to three substantial meals a day and that's it. So this is a very different goal.

I was doing better with water intake until five days a week gym and I stopped wanting it as much. Not a good idea particular with increased workouts!

laur_melyanna [userpic]
by laur_melyanna (laur_melyanna)
at March 11th, 2007 (01:11 pm)

Hey guys, I didnt manage to post last week because there was too much going on. I kept trying to meet the same goals and it worked but I am going to change them a bit this time around..

As i started my Acting I class at Dram a uni, it has been like workingo ut at a gym from 8:30 to noon nonstop 3 days a week, and I feel like all that ought to substitute at least one of my 30-minute sessions of exercising. So, from now on my goal is to exercise 3 times a week.

I havent been putting on my cream...i think i lost motivation, celulite is genetics and stuff, i dunno, but i'll try to keep going.

Eating is harder because I have to eat sandwiches at lunch so 1. I wont spent too much money (cause i make one at home) and 2. so i dont eat their greasy fattening stuff. But even so, bread is bread...so I still need some time to adapt and discover how I can keep things flowing with this hectic schedule.

So so far I guess my goals are:

Exercise 3 times a week

Weight myself only twice a week tops

And drink less sode (I am actually putting away them oneyi 'd use ot buy a soda for other things so its double incentive i guess)

I wish you luck with your goals! Hugs and have a good week!

laur_melyanna [userpic]
New Week, similar goals.
by laur_melyanna (laur_melyanna)
at February 27th, 2007 (12:13 am)

  Well I ha achieved my goals for this week, I excercised all 4 times I proposed myself to, weighted myself just 2 times, and actually only missed one day on using my cream. Problem is, I did gain back a pound because I went out with friends, ate pizza...had lunch at my grandmotherS (dont need to exlain what grandmas lunch mean do I? hehe) So as usual 2 days is always enough to ruin a whole weeks works. But at least it was only 1 pound out of the 2 I lost.

 So my goals:

- Exercise 4 times a week (now its when this beomes tricky because my classes start Thursday in one University and Monday on the other one, along with work. So I KNOW I will face motivation issues. According to how it goes I might lower it next week to 3 timex a week, but I want to try the experience).

- Weight myself only 2x during the week

- Use my cream every day

- And new goal, have some common sense and control my eating. This beginning of classes is always stressful, ESPECIALLY with another university course i'm starting on and all that expectation of pranks or whatever. So I want to stay in control and not give into emotional eating.

Wish me luck and strength! And good luck and strength to you all!

hugs, Laur

Larien Elengasse [userpic]
by Larien Elengasse (larienelengasse)
at February 23rd, 2007 (01:28 pm)

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I can't keep up with these posting... does anyone see the irony in my ability to post regularly to a goal tending list? *shakes head*

Not much progress on the exercise front due to the painful growth under my arm. I can't work TJ, because it hurts too much, but I am still climbing stairs and it's slowly getting easier.

I've lost my scale in my move, and I haven't purchased a new one... I need to do that because I think I might have gained some weight. eeeepp!

laur_melyanna [userpic]
Results and This Week's Goals
by laur_melyanna (laur_melyanna)
at February 20th, 2007 (12:47 am)

Hey there! Last week had some good results. I wanted to make myself and you guys proud of the newbie lol but I wasn't 100%. My goals were to weight myself only once that week...and I cheated once. I had that feeling of wanting to know if my efforts were working and if not that I could boost and work harder.

Second, on my goal of exercizing 4 times tduring the week I can say I was 90% lol. I established that those 4 days would be of sessions of approximately 30 mins. Could be more, but not less, but I did 3 sessions of 30 minutes and one of 20...I decided to cheat because I had cramps (you know ...girl stuff lol). So I think I could have worked harder but I was pretty happy with my effort as it was, going against the laziness and the cramps in favor of health hehe. And part of that is owed to the fact I wanted to show good results to you, so thank you for the direct and indirect support.

This week's goals will be similar

- I will stablish to weight myself 2x this week, to see if next week I feel better about the longer time without it, or if I really just like to cheat lol.

- Exercising 4x a week remains, and today(Monday) I already did the first round.

- My third goal is not so much of a goal as a reminder for myself to use those celulite creams everyday and not be lazy with the massages. If the cellulite does not fade a bit at least I'll get firm arms because I go rough on my legs heheh.

I am trying to get used to these goals before trying to add any others, but I have been pretty wel behaved with my eating, although due to that above cited factor of the time of the months I did eat chips twice and this Light chocolate flan thing...HOWEVER,

I lost 2 pounds! I am proud of myself for that and I hope either lose a bit more this week but mainly to maintain that pound lost and eliminated. 

Thanks again for the support and good luck with your goals!

Jaiden S [userpic]
weekly goal
by Jaiden S (jaiden_s)
at February 12th, 2007 (02:10 pm)

I did really well eating a veggie every day this week...but today I may not make it. I forgot to bring my carrots from home and the ones here in the fridge were crusty. I had to toss them.

I'll keep that same goal of eating 1 veggie a day for this week, and try to add the goal of not gorging on peanut butter after work. I crave it. CRAVE IT.

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